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Monday, February 25, 2013

More gun manufacturers get on the boycott boat-

Good! When last I mentioned this, the list of companies that taken a public stand to say they would not sell firearms to state agencies where citizens couldn't own the same gun was a short list- just 6 companies. But the momentum is gaining and now even a major provider of guns to law enforcement all over the country- Beretta has taken a stand and said they could move their manufacturing out of Maryland if citizens in that state can't buy and own their product. Good for them!

Additionally, the number of manufacturers that won't make a distinction between law enforcement and civilian ownership has risen to 70 companies! Some of the big sellers- Glock & SIG & Smith & Wesson are still hoping this restriction of rights to civilians will blow over and are still intending to sell to state agencies. There are links, phone numbers and addresses where you can contact them to provide your opinion if you do it politely at the link.

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